Determining Your (Organisation's) Social Network Needs

Determining Your (Organisation's) Social Network Needs

Postby Jess on Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:46 pm


Social Media in the Nonprofit Workplace:
Does Your Organization Need A Social Media Policy?

By: Beth Kanter

More and more people are making decisions and getting information from conversations taking place on social networking sites, online tools that help people connect with others who share similar interests, or with those who are interested in exploring new interests and activities.

Social networking sites promise to offer an array of benefits to nonprofits as well, from allowing them to keep abreast of trends and generate awareness to helping them raise money and connect with new supporters. As these tools continue to grow in popularity and expand beyond their traditional under-20 demographic, your nonprofit may be tempted to create a presence on one or more of the ever-growing roster of social networking sites.

Yet when it comes to social networking, is more always better? As Should Your Organization Use Social Networking Sites? points out, these tools aren't for every organization. Yet if you've determined that your nonprofit would benefit from having a presence on one social networking site, would you find even more success on two or more sites? If so, how should you go about choosing these sites?

Below, we'll discuss what it means to maintain a presence on one or more online social networks, and help you evaluate what sort of presence makes sense for your organization. We'll also show you a few tips for selecting the tools that can give you the most return on your investment and ensure a successful online presence for years to come...

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The rest of this article includes:

:idea: Potential Benefits
:idea: What Maintaining a Presence Entails
:idea: Options for Nonprofits
:idea: Selecting the Right Tool
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