Resource: for Aborignal and TI men about being a Dad

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Resource: for Aborignal and TI men about being a Dad

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You’re A Dad
7 storylines about being a Dad

A new resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men to share stories about being a Dad----

You Are A Dad - seven stories about being a dad
Published by Secretariat of National
Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC)
ISBN 978-1-921174-16-2 (print), ISBN (tbc) (online)
'You're A Dad' is a 20 page A5 full colour booklet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fathers and young men. This page contains the introduction pages and back pages to the publication.

:arrow: Download the front page of 'You're A Dad' [PDF 286KB]
:arrow: Listen to the Radio cast interview with Steve Larkins and Palm Island men [MP3 64mbps 2.7 MB]
:arrow: Download the whole Booklet - 'You're A Dad - 7 Stories about being a Dad' [PDF 6 MB] -Warning, Large File
:arrow: Order This resource here

Steve Larkins (SNAICC Chairperson) launched You’re A Dad today and said: "Our kids need Dads more than ever, to be a role model, to be a friend, to be a listener, to be a loan office, to be lots of other things, but most of all it's just to be there when they need us.” “SNAICC is determined,” he added, “to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in their role as Dads and to show the country that our men can stand alongside any others strong and proud of their role as Dads.”

Craig Hammond, Aboriginal Dad and contributor to the resource said: “I’m proud to be a Dad. I’ve found out that, as fathers, we can make choices and we can make changes. To me, this book is all about hearing and feeling the happiness and hurt and stories from other Aboriginal and Torres Strait fathers. Just to know that our brothers are all feeling the same in a lot of ways. It’s also about acknowledging us as fathers and the important role that we do play in our children’s lives. The final message is the simple thing – just talk with your kids and talk with other blokes about your kids.”

You're A Dad – a new full colour poster booklet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fathers and young men.

You're A Dad – a vibrant, moving, give-away booklet, which talks straight to the heart, with pictures and stories every Dad can relate to told in A4 poster booklet format.

Seven storylines told through photos and simple stories/tips for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men across the nation: Be there; Connect; Be proud; Talk; Feel good; Protect; and Your journey,

You're A Dad is a great resource for home visiting maternity/paternity services, parenting programs, men's groups, for early childhood, youth and health services, for jail and offender programs and more.

You're A Dad was developed by SNAICC in partnership with The University of Newcastle's Family Action Centre - Engaging Fathers project. It will be sent free to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family services across the country. You’re A Dad and is available at cost for other organisations and can be ordered online

SNAICC is the national peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.

For more information on You’re A Dad visit website:

Media Comment: Steve Larkins, SNAICC Chairperson 0402 856 015
Julian Pocock - SNAICC Executive Officer - 0419 379 764
Media inquiries: Rosie Elliott, SNAICC Publications Officer: 03 9489 8099
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