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Important Notice: WHFS Contact Information

 Please note that the contact information for Womens Heallth and Family Services may be out of date on some of the following factsheets and pamphlets. The current address and contact details for WHFS are available click here.


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For Health Information in Language


The Community Development Services at WHFS stocks hard copies of health information in a variety of different languages. Resources are also available to assist and/or train health professionals in supporting multicultural clients, such as the Drug and Alcohol Communication Images.

If you require health information in a particular language, please contact:

Susan Lee (Community Development Services Manager)
Phone: (08) 6330 5400
Email: slee@whfs.org.au

Or to find out more about services supporting multicultural clients, please visit out Multicultural Services page.



List of All Health Information (English)

Clicking on the topics below to view all factsheets and pamphlets available on each subject. For more health information, support, or to book an appointment with one of our services, please feel free to call us on (08) 6330 5440.


Alcohol and Other Drugs




General Health


Mental Health




Pregnancy and Parenting




Sexual Health (inc. STIs)