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Aboriginal Programs


Womens Health and Family Services offers support programs, play groups, physical activity events, counselling, advocacy and referral services designed to support Aboriginal women, their families and their communities. WHFS has a number of programs that provide these services to women.


Programs and Services


  • Aboriginal Family Support Services
    Formerly known as the Aboriginal Grandparent and Family Support (AGFSS), this service aims to support and strengthen Aboriginal grandparents and their families through the generations. The program provides information, advocacy and referrals as well as group activities and peer support groups.

  • Moort Warrping Warr (Family Playing Place)
    The Family Playing Place is a parenting and play group for Aboriginal parents, caregivers and young children.


For more information

If you would like to find out about our services for Aboriginal families please contact:
Averil Scott (Program Manager)
Phone:          6330 5400
Email:           info@whfs.org.au
For more details on Aboriginal health services and information‚ why not visit our: