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PEPISU Women and Children's Program

The PEPISU Program provides a range of services for both women with substance use issues who are pregnant and/or parenting, and for their families. The PEPISU team is committed to client-centered approach in the development and delivery of all aspects of the program.
PEPISU services include:
  • Individual, couple, family and outreach counselling services
  • Advocacy and Support services
  • Tueday Coffee/Art mornings (Click here to find out the latest event times)
  • Esteem through Creativity (ETC) children’s group; A self esteem group for children using an expressive/art therapy approach.
  • School holiday programs
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Parenting groups, such as Parenting Under Pressure (PUP)
Additional services are available for children affected by parental Alcohol and Other Drug use. For more information, please visit our Kids in Focus WA main website.


PEPISU is a free program!


Self referrals are welcome, as are referrals from Justice/Corrective services, GPs, hospitals mental health clinics, psychiatrists, AOD services, and other health professionals/community workers. 


For more information

If you would like to find out about PEPISU or other services at WHFS, please contact us on:
Phone:          6330 5400
Email:           info@whfs.org.au
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